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Membership Rates:

Weekend Warrior Membership*
(best if you have short visits)

+ $125 security deposit**

limited to 10 hours per month 

good for weekdays and/or weekends

Part-Time Membership*

(best for occasional users)


+ $125 security deposit**


limited to 20 hours per month

3-Month Membership*
(prepay and save)

Full Time

+ $125 security deposit**

Part Time

+ $125 security deposit** 

Full Time Membership*

(great for prototyping)


+ $125 security deposit**


limited to 40 hours per month^

Semi-Pro Membership*

+ $125 security deposit**

limited to 60 hours per month 

Pro Membership*

+ $125 security deposit**

limited to 80 hours per month 

Storage Rates

(members only)


Medium:  $25/month

(good for boards up to 5 feet long)


Large:  $40/month

(good for boards over 5 feet long)


Project storage is available upon request.

All stored items must be labeled with name.

Storage contract must be on file

before using storage space.

More Information

*Safety Orientation ($120) is required for all new members and students

(no exceptions).   

Prior to becoming a member you will need to demonstrate your skills and competence during Safety Orientation.  If you are timid you will need to take some woodworking classes before becoming a member.

New members may start their membership at the shop and will be asked to show photos of projects they have completed using fine woodworking machines like the table saw and jointer. 

*All Members are required to be able to work safely and independently.

*Memberships are per person and


**Security Deposit is refundable at the end of your membership 

(as long as you have not broken anything)


Members must be at least 18 years old

or must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

Minors & Parents/Guardians may use the same membership.  Parents/Guardians must also take safety orientation.

Assistants are required to pay membership fees 

and we do not allow members to give lessons,

therefore anyone in the shop should understand

how to safely use the machines before becoming a member


CW does not welcome manufacturing/high production projects

and we do not offer space for building sets;

generally, the largest project allowed is a bed frame

We cater to hobbyists/designers/woodworkers who build prototypes

or one-off projects which is to say we strive to keep a flow in the shop.

If you are looking to use a table saw for 4 hours at a time,

our shop is probably not for you.


Membership is not required to attend classes/workshops.


Community Woodshop is a Limited Liability Company

and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Thank You for your interest in Community Woodshop!


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